CUYANA mini saddle bag

Happy long weekend beauties! I cannot believe it's almost June. That means it's almost Summer! I haven't really changed my closet to summer wardrobes yet because it's still kind of chilly. Though I am still hanging onto my winter clothes, I have been adding some spring colour items.

This saddle bag from CUYANA is the new addition that I picked up when I was in LA 2 weeks ago. I am in love with this colour! I was being super indecisive between black or pink when I was trying to choose the colour in the store.(I was pretty sure my sister was annoyed by I really loved pink one when I tried but my brain kept telling me "Aki, you should go with black! You will get bored with pink soon." However my eyes were loving this little dusty pink, so obviously you know which one I chose:)

Not only I fell in love with CUYANA bags, but also I fell in love with the company's philosophy "FEWER, BETTER". I didn't realize how ethical conscious they are until I came back Home and looked up the brand. Anyway I'm glad I did! Their motto is actually something I have been thinking about for a while. I have been thinking about curating my wardrobe to something I love and will love for a long time so that I won't go through so much stuff every season. I have learned that it is causing so much problems in fashion industry in terms of labor exploitation in the developing country and environmental toxic wastes. If you are interested to know more about this, I recommend watching a documentary movie, "The True Cost". It really gives you a second thought about buying fast fashion.

CUYANA also has this cool project called, "LEAN CLOSET" - When you order an item from CUYANA and choose "Lean shipping" at checkout, they will send you a reusable bag that you can put your clothes that you don't need anymore for donation, which will be sent to their partner to give to those who are in need. In exchange, you will receive $10 credit for the next purchase, which is super nice. 

I cannot forget to mention how well the quality of their products! Each item is carefully hand crafted with quality materials. I only started using it but I think I will be able to use this bag for a long time without wore and tear. Also it is such a fun way to add one of 2017 spring colour trend - Pink. It is more neutral shade of pink, so it's easy to match with my daily outfits and feeling extra feminine;)