Cozy in knit

These pictures were taken when I visited North Bay Ontario for thanksgiving weekend. I finally have a moment to put them up on the blog. I have been pretty busy last little while. Work, meeting up with friends, and also I recently joined a sewing class and making some fun stuff! So far I made a cup cozy and a tote bag. Now I'm working on an apron which is the last project. I always enjoyed styling or more focused on visual stuff, but now I am making something with my hand, it is actually very cool and I love it! When I finish all my classes I will show them in my blog:)

Anyways, the big turtleneck sweater. It is so warm, cozy, and feminine, especially with this neutral colour. I wore a faux leather leggings to add a little edge for this photo shooting, but this sweater is something that you put on with jeans and go for walk, or run some errands kind of sweater, means it's awesome!

By the way, I am going away this weekend Chicago! It's my first time going there and I'm looking forward to exploring the city. But first thing first, I gotta finish packing!