Good old heavily used

What a beautiful month it has been! I cannot believe tomorrow is October already though. I started this blog the beginning of this month, and so far I managed to post 9 blog entries, and around 26 instagram photos. Writing is still challenging for me but I do enjoy the whole process of picking up outfits, taking photos, editing and writing about it. I will try to do more shooting of outfits and put more postings on the blog as well as improve the contents in October:)

I like today's simple outfit, black and white, not much accessories. These not-so-black denim (because they faded after so many wearing but I like this faded tone actually), which I got from Uniqulo when I was in Japan are just awesome. They are so cheap ($39), comfortable and great fit! I know.... it looks too washed now and it's time for me to buy a new pair... I have been procrastinating to buy a new pair of jeans because I don't like jeans shopping. Especially skinny jeans. They have to fit you perfectly but when you try them on in a store, you can't really get a right feeling either you should buy a smaller size or the size you feel comfortable at the time of fitting, and wondering how much they will stretch or do they stretch at all? Anyways, that's why I haven't done any jeans shopping for a long time, but the good news is Uniqlo is opening their first store in Toronto this December! I am so excited and cannot wait for it!

What is your favourite denim brand?