Khaki Green Sweater

I took these photos a few weeks back, when the weather suddenly turned into chilly fall weather. I decided to wear this chunky sweater from H&M Studio collection which is super warm. I love the earthy and cozy colour, but I think I overreacted to the chilly weather a little bit... I was actually getting sweaty in the sweater. I guess it wasn't as cold as I thought...but now I know this sweater will be perfect for winter:)

Since I started this blog, my eyes are always trying to catch a nice spot to take pictures at, or big background walls. this stone wall is actually a church close to my place. It is beautiful and has a historical feeling. I also liked the lighting at the side door of the church.

Wearing: H&M Studio Wool Jumper , Zara faux leather leggings, CheapMonday denim shirt.  

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