6 years after...


I took these pictures a while ago, on a rainy day. It had been raining during the day, and when I got home the sky suddenly cleared. I quickly put on the white leather sneakers that I got from Diesel 6 years ago, and went outside. I am very careful when to wear these leather sneakers because I don't want to get them dirty, so I was a little bit nervous walking around the wet road... Usually when I wear them I think about the weather of the day, where I will be walking, and make sure I will not be walking in the woods or muddy road, which hardly happens anyway...lol But look at them; still keeping the perfect white colour after been worn over 6 years! What I love about them is not just the cool looks but also they are extremely comfortable for the soft leather which became even softer after so many years.

Also, they are my first expensive pair of shoes that I bought for myself when I was in University, so I have been taking good care of them so well (or maybe just not wearing them enough?).  I am so happy that I invested in these shoes and I will be wearing them for many more years...

What are your first expensive pair of shoes you ever bought?