Mountain print skirt


This was  my favourite outfit on my trip. Usually I go for something more simple for versatility but hey, how great this skirt looks!? Before I went on my vacation, I was on ASOS website trying to find some bikini bottom and found this skirt at the same time. As soon as I saw this skirt and the price (it was like $15 or something!), I immediately put it on my shopping cart. I'm so glad that I bought this. I went shopping with my sister and every store I went to I got some compliments from the staff and customers. I was already in my happy mood because I was on vacation but all these attention made me feel even better!

Since the skirt is a big statement of this outfit, I kept the rest simple. I just wore a black crop top, which I wear all the time when wearing tube skirt, midi skirt, and high-waist pants. Cropped top + long bottom really does the trick of giving you long legs! You don't have to wear cropped tops all the time though, it's just about the balance. You can just simply tuck your top in the skirt or pants. To give more enhancement I wear tube skirt a little higher than my waist too. every time I do that I look a little taller and better proportion.

I'm looking forward to wearing this skirt soon as the weather is getting warmer and warmer in Toronto.

Wearing: CropTop/TOPSHOP (similar), Skirt/ASOS (similar), Necklace/ Express (similar), Bracelet/ Forever21