Gingham Check Dress

I love saturday early dinners with my girlfriends in summer. We meet up for a quick shopping and then hit to our dinner reservation. I can dress however I want on the weekend, drink as much as I want(I can't drink more than 2 cocktails though.), and we can stay late as long as we want(or not). 

I got together with my girlfriends for a summerlicious dinner on a saturday a few weeks ago. We met a little early before the reservation, and went for shopping and a little walk in the yorkville area in Toronto. I wore this gingham check dress with an open back with the frills, and it was just so perfect. It was a hot day, so the open back felt so nice, actually I kind of felt like I was naked. I was so happy that I could wear the dress, because I wouldn't wear this for work and also I wouldn't have worn the dress if we had been doing some activities. 

By the way my friends and I went to Pizzeria Via Mercanti for Summerlicious. (Summerlicious is a food event in Toronto, and all the participating restaurants offer a pre-fix menu.) Their pizza was so good! Also, Tiramisu was probably the best I've had in Toronto. I don't normally go to Italian food but I would definitely go back here for their amazing pizza. They also have a cute patio.

Great weather, food, drinks, and friends + a cute outfit = Best way to spend a saturday evening!