My shopping rules


It's almost August! I cannot believe how time flew so fast for the last couple of weeks. I was complaining the other day that it hadn't been so hot and raining too much, but finally there are more days that I can call "hot" weather.

This outfit is from one of the first summer weather week, on sunday before I headed to a brunch with my friend. I was so happy to be able to wear this cotton dress because I bought it in April and hadn't had a chance to wear for over 3 months. It's so sad that you invested on some clothes for the coming season, thinking you will be wearing a lot for the next months to come but the weather wasn't quite ready yet and the new clothes are just sitting in your closet.....and yes, that's what happened to this dress. I think that's why it's important to buy something timeless or buy your own style and not just something "IT" for the season, especially when buying things at the beginning of the season where everything is full price. 

Since I'm a frugal shopaholic, I rarely buy new clothes as full price unless it's less than $50 or something.(Mind you, I buy clothes pretty often because I keep finding something on sale or great deal!) However this dress was a rare case that I bought for almost full price(I still got 10% off for becoming friends with the sales girl). I love the simpleness of this dress and it's got the sporty details that I like with pretty lace on the hem. I must say I over-budgeted for this dress, considering my shopping rule. Anyway here is what I think about before I buy anything.

1, Invest on timeless basic item. - Winter jacket, Perfect-fit trousers. Blazers. Leather jacket.  

2, Buy on sale - There are so many SO MANY shops everywhere. You love fashion? You must love shopping! I hunt for great stuff on sale wether online or shops and there's always some sort of deals going on somewhere. You just need to look. Plus it feels good to buy a dress for $75, that used to be $200!

3, How many times will you wear this for the next 3 months? - I ask this question when something is over $100. The point is, unless it's a basic timeless item, you will probably wear it only once or twice next year and never after that. If I think I will wear it less than 10 times for the next 3 months and it costs over $100, then I better not buy it. 

4, Go for it for under $100. - Of course I still think about if the item is versatile and the price is reasonable. But if I find something love at first sight, I usually go for it.

These are my basic shopping rules when shopping, and definitely my shopping budget tend to go up around the sale season. Some months I spend $50 only and some months I spend $500 and overall I'm pretty happy and comfortable with my spending habit (I'd love to spend more if I could though!)

What is your shopping rules and monthly shopping budget? I'd love to hear!