This year Toronto hosted a Pan Am Games from July 10 to August 15th. It was great because the whole city was excited and had the great festive vibes everywhere.

I got some tickets for tennis and ping-pong games through my work.(lucky!) This is the outfit from the ping-pong game. I was so obsessed with doing something with my hair the night before.... Probably I was just bored, and thought of doing french braid. Oh boy, it was so hard. I used to do single french braid a few years ago, and it was pretty easy once you get a hang of it. My co-worker at that time used to ask me to braid her hair in the change room.(I used to be a retail sales clerk) I don't know why I stopped doing braid after I left my job, but suddenly that night before the ping-pong game, I really wanted to do french braid and it was two-sides, not single braid, which I'd never done before.

After struggling about 45 minutes, my eyes were so hurting and arms were numb by trying to make neat braids, I managed to create the french braid, though it wasn't the perfect one . I was so happy, proud, and tired. It was almost 1 AM, and I was supposed to wake up like 8AM. I went to bed with the braided hair because I was too proud to undo my hard work!

The game was really fun. I really enjoyed all the matches. Of course I cheered for Canadian players but there were some Brazilian-Japanese players as Canadian's opponents. The result was Brazil won that game and went to the next match. It was sad to see Canada to go, but I switched to cheer the Brazilian-Japanese player with 100% heart in the next match.(Haha my Japanese blood can't be ignored!) She lost that game but I was glad that I get to cheer Canada and Brazil both. 

Pictures are taken after the games, and my happy victory face for keeping my hair still neat from the night before!

Video: How to french braid two sides (