Flower embroidered bomber jacket

Happy weekend beauties! I'm feeling a bit more casual today - denim, a bomber jacket, and a beanie kind of day:) I even stepped out of my usual minimal style and picked this jacket with the flower embroidery! Typically, my go-to style is solid colours but this velvet jacket with flower embroidery is just so cool. I even like the white line on the sleeve, adding a little sporty touch.

Bomber jackets have come back in trend for some time and it can actually replace leather jackets if you are tired of always choosing a leather jacket. It's like a casual and edgy blazer. There are so many styles to choose from too and the prices are so much cheaper than leather jackets so you can actually try some fun styles!

It's really cold out there so I couldn't wear by itself so I wore it under my big coat. Thanks to the velvet I was really warm:)