Talking about local artists // holiday gift ideas

This is my fav outfit. Chic silhouette, leather and wool mix texture and minimal design. I think it really describes my wardrobe. I LOVE clean design, minimalistic details, and quality fabrics( I don't mean expensive but something that last for a long time.). 

I also appreciate a good leather product made with craftsmanship, especially by local artists. I have been using this coolest leather bag for a little over a year. I got it from Eleven Thirty Shop at One of a kind show 2015. It was love at first sight and with a little push from my friend, I bought this beauty. I use this bag a lot and when someone asks me where I got it from, I tell them proudly that it is by a local Toronto designer and encourage them to go check it out. 

Eleven Thirty Shop

It is easy to find so many things at big name brands and I love shopping there too.(online shopping makes everything easy), but wearing something that is only locally available or not many people know yet makes me feel great that I know I have something unique and have a purpose to share something with you.

By the way, I went to One of a Kind Show this year again, and found more cool designers! I've listed some of them that will make a great holiday gift for you :)


How cute is this custom silver necklace! You can pick your own chains and charms. All jewellery is handmade in Toronto, which makes it even cooler(Hey, did I tell you I love Toronto?) They have soooo many charms to choose from, so basically it will be your one and only personal jewellery!  

Your Pal Al

Your Pal Al is a Toronto based design studio, specializing in concrete home decor.  I got a little concrete cup with a mini cactus for myself, and It was $17! This will make a great christmas gift!(Who doesn't love these little spiky, right?) They are available online or multiple shops in Toronto.

 Picture is from the website:

Picture is from the website:


Lajoie will guarantee all gentleman amazing leather products. The studio is based in Montreal and all products are hand stitched and made with best quality leather, which will last for a lifetime. I actually really love their passport case($180 CAD) - the slick design with their cool logo. 

 Image is from Lajoie website:

Image is from Lajoie website:

Shopping from local designers makes me feel happy that I'm supporting their passion and I'd love to know more artists not only from Toronto but any rising talented designers! Please let me know if you know any cool artists(or yourself) that I should check out!

xx Aki