Are you ready to show some skin? 4 tips of getting excited about working out.

Happy long weekend beauties! Finally...finally Spring has sprung! It's time to show some skin. I have been waiting to wear this knot pencil wrap skirt from Zara for months. This is so perfect for my office outfit and also my weekend not-so-casual look. I love dressing casually most of the time, but it makes me feel sexy and confident when I dress a bit more chic;)

To show some leg with confidence, I have been going to the gym regularly. Well, it's not like I go to the gym every second day, but I try to go at least twice a week and it's not only just to keep my body in shape but it's also great to keep my mind positive and healthy. 

I joined the gym 4 years ago when I started my 9-5 office job. It was a big daily routine change for me at that time. I had always been on my feet at my previous jobs and all of a sudden I shifted to a 7 hour desk job. Though I have always been slim in my life, part of it was because of my active lifestyle. I was always playing sports when I was a teenager and I worked at restaurants, retail stores, and outside sales jobs, so when I started my office job, I was feeling sluggish and tired within the first few weeks. 

In the beginning I wasn't sure what I was doing in the gym but slowly with the help of my boyfriend(now fiancé!) and Internet, I have built my workout routine. To be honest I have struggled to keep being motivated to go to the gym always, especially in the winter. Only recently I have been successful to feel positive and excited about working out, and here's the some of the things that worked for me to be motivated.

  1. Plan the week on Monday.- If you are an office worker like me, then most of your free time starts from 5pm. Actually, my work requires me to do some overtime often and it's hard for me to spontaneously go to the gym after work, or make fixed gym days. What I do is I vaguely plan my week on Monday. Usually I know which day I will be busy during the week on Monday, so I decide whether I want to go to the gym on Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Saturday, or only Thursday..etc and I try to work around it. It's nothing difficult. The only thing I do is I work extra longer on the day before so I know that I can leave the office at least by 5:30 on my gym day. It is so simple but until I started doing this, I couldn't fit the gym time regularly. I would just decide to go to the gym in the morning and bring my gym stuff to work but I ended up working so late and have no energy by the end of the day, or I would finish work on time but I don't have my gym stuff.    
  2. Be influenced. - Yes, you heard me. You don't need to be original in every way. I have been watching some fitness youtubers videos in the last couple of months. Oh boy, it has so much affect on me. I feel so motivated and inspired every time I watch my favourite youtubers' videos. It makes me want to go to the gym and workout right away and also give me new workout ideas. My current favourite health and fitness vloggers are Sarah's day and Tess begg :)                                          
  3. Make small goals. - Having a small goal is making me excited to go to the gym. You may have a long term goal, like losing 10lbs, getting that Gigi Hadid killer legs, or bikini ready bum. For me my long term goal is to get a nice uplifted bum and toned belly but that would be a result of working out regularly for a long time. You need to be getting into the gym all the time and making it into your lifestyle. In order to get myself in the gym more often, I make small short-term goals. Right now my small goal is to be able to do push-ups 3 times, and chin-ups with my body weight. Having these small goals make me want to go to the gym regularly and have more purpose while I'm working out:)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  4. Listen to music when workout. - In the last 4 years I never listened any music while working out, but a few months ago I downloaded Spotify and started listening music during my workout. I realized I'm more focused and being in my head while working out is so nice. It's distracting sometimes when the gym is packed and having to workout with everyone side by side but listening to music shuts out the surroundings and I can concentrate myself. On top of that, I stopped looking at the clock too. I used to keep checking how long I worked out and I would stop working out after 70 minutes or so because I felt I worked out enough, not because my body felt I had done enough. Now I don't check the time any more and I'm focused until I feel de-stressed and nicely tired because I lose track of time by listening music.

I hope these tips are helpful to some of you:) I've only started doing these things recently and honestly it's been working for me. I'm not dragging myself to the gym anymore. I feel excited to go and get sweaty and I'm looking forward to achieving my small goals. Let's see if I can create the bikini ready body by Summer! Oh, note to myself; I'm going to need a vacation when I have the beach body :)